Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Why this Daddy’s girl and Mommy’s boy?

PS: This is mostly based on my views and beliefs; and there is no science in it.
It is true that parents love their children equally. But I always wondered why the mother loves her son more than the daughter; and the father loves his daughter more than the son! Whomever I asked, the answer was “Yes! You are right, at least a LITTLE moreJ”, but no one could explain why it is so? This write-up is an attempt to prove many other reasons beyond the most common answer I get saying “unlikes always attract!”.
Right from younghood, girls always think a lot about their future life. If you think this ends with their marriage, you are wrong! They just continue thinking about the future of their new phase of life. As per Indian customs, the mother knows the fact that sons are the ones who will stay with parents till the end and hence they become her first preference. Whereas the father understands the probability of his son getting distracted to wrong things; and will be very cautious in monitoring his routine. Father can also be sometimes dictating to son while nurturing him to become a man and be responsible. Then is when the mother’s forgiveness and love makes a big difference in calming him and makes him feel relaxed. The father can decide the destiny but it is always the mother who stays with the son and guides him through the tough roads to reach the goal.
Although the girl child is loved by her mother, she requires a father’s care too. Because a father’s attention and affection will bring a much secured feeling to the girl while facing the outside world. Being groomed this way, she would expect the same warmth in her future life partner as well. Also, girls usually like spending on variety of things and the money obviously comes from Daddy the great! They love their daddy because he hardly keeps account of the money given whereas the mommy would ask for every detail of her spending. It is easy for daughters to get away with many things with their father as he will be busy with other matters in life. The mothers are the ones who have all the time to enquire on each move of their daughters. Girls learn the womanly things from their mother but learn love and to face life from their father.
Coming to modern days, hearts take a back seat because it’s all about mind games. In many ways, there is a real possibility of father and son getting into a healthy competition with each other to please the lady lord (the mother). Same way the mother and the daughter can sometimes get into unnecessary conflicts with the sole intention of proving who is best to the family head (the father). This obviously makes the son more comfortable in sharing his feelings with mother; and the daughter too feels less threatened when she is with her father. End of day, we keep thinking why the life is so competitive these days!
Every child is innocent enough to deserve equal care from parents. To conclude this topic with a balanced view, I would say it is the best opportunity for parents to correct their earlier attitude of being guilt of their opposites. J