Thursday, 12 January 2012

What is really new this year?

Unlike everyone else wishing “Happy New Year” in the early days of a new year, I would just want to start by welcoming you to 2012. I wish to share some of my thoughts through my writing, this year. So please tolerate me J
I often keep staring at my laptop, hoping my thinking brain will make me write something (obviously something good). Now you know the reason why this New Year blog has arrived this early J Yes, it is easy to say that my mind is blocked and not getting any great idea to write about. But let me at least begin something this year, because lighting a candle is much better than blaming darkness.
Finally I got some thought to write about what is really new in 2012?!
There would be many of us who celebrated this New Year with their loved ones by watching a movie in a decent theatre, playing some games, bursting crackers, having nice food in a good restaurant, dancing, and finally a sound sleep in the end. Though they did not experience very luxurious things and though they did not spend lavishly, the way they celebrated would mean a lot because of the great and lovely company they were fortunate of. If you have the company of your dear ones in such occasions, what other better way to celebrate life? If I am right, this is the ideal New Year celebration for most middle class families, every year.
But this is not all, because my question of “what is new this year?” still remains unanswered. So, when we start looking beyond this (I mean, beyond the usual celebrations I described earlier), it opens up completely different scenes!
I agree that eyes are different but according to me 2012 is no different from 2011 or any of the previous few years. Because most of the daily headlines still read the same: Team Anna continues fight on Lokpal bill, Ex-minister pulls more MLAs to demonstrate his strength to the high command, Few more big wigs caught in yet another multi crore rupees scam, oil and groceries prices shoot up again, Indian IT majors concerned about the global uncertainties, Pakistan intends to initiate fresh round of peace talks, Indian cricket continues to be underdogs away from home,  Sachin’s 100th ton expected in the upcoming series, and so on. One can even say that in the context of India, nothing much changes for at least five years or till the ruling party changes, based on the fate of our nation! Few also argue that we were no different 50 years back, except that Sachin’s count had not begun at that time! But I am too young to know that much.
One noticeable change I observed in this New Year is the one about the Excise department which according to a news paper, grossed about 39Crores to earn 10% more than previous year because of the huge sales of Indian made liquors on 31st December 2011. If you read further, you will mostly find related stories like - pubs in Bangalore made record business, latest Bollywood release breaks all previous collections, etc, etc.  All is fine, but how much of these figures actually benefit us? I think it is mostly the rich people who contribute to such earnings through their spends in malls, multiplexes, pubs and resorts. After all, one who breaks money makes money! The ‘not so rich’ ones are not far behind in the race, who manage to pull out money to spend in similar fashion, finally getting into a local bar or getting drunk at a private place on eve of New Year. The Gen-Next’s role here is to just ensure that the ‘already established’ trend is kept going with more zeal! How much ever rich or wealthy you are, but what a poor way of welcoming New Year!?
First sad scene I observed on 1st Jan 2012 morning was a beggar who had not moved even an inch from the spot where she sat on 31st December 2011 evening. Whereas the high society people slowly get up from the hang over in the evening, only to visit another luxury mall to have dinner! All it means is that, every year a poor get poorer struggling to make their daily living whereas the rich get richer even after wasting money in so many needless luxuries. As I too fail to convey the real feeling, it is very true that we lack people who can clearly articulate the wants to find the right balance around us.
I am sure 2012 will be same for us in general and I will not have anything new to write about this topic. Wishing “Happy New year” hardly makes any difference to the situation we are already in from past many years for now. It is true that we can’t go back and change the past whereas we can only think and decide our future. But it is also harsh to deny the fact that there can be instances when we attempt to go forward to change the past. I may be very confusing with this write-up at the beginning of the year because normally, it is only at the end that we start thinking about the beginning!!!

In simple words I just want to leave a message to all my friends that some good deeds in the beginning will set our minds right to keep repeating it and make our living purposeful throughout the years.
With this, unlike the beginning, let me end by finally wishing you a Happy New Year!